Tired of the commute?

Want to work locally in Forres…

…& still earn Aberdeen wages?

EFC has the answer

Contact: HR@efcgroup.net

EFC has committed to locating a significant design & production facility in The Enterprise Park, Forres, with a purpose built 6,000sq ft office and 10,000sq ft workshop to establish a center of excellence for manufacturing, remote support and remote testing.

Finescale Gauges

FSGs are high resolution, 8″ analogue gauges, displaying small pressure changes in the drilling manifolds. As pressure rises, gauge pointers move simultaneously.

Focus On : Well Control Solutions

EFC has an established and proven track record providing comprehensive Well Control monitoring packages, such as:

  • Topsides replacement BOP Controls
  • Subsea replacement BOP Controls
  • Diverter controls systems, KFDJ system
  • BOP status indication
  • Choke controls
  • Finescale Gauges, high resolution pressure display
  • Liquid Seal Monitor, provides indication of seal integrity loss
  • Glycol Injection Unit
  • Marine Riser tensioner systems