Riser Skate

Transfers horizontal risers to well-centre, safely tailing from horizontal to vertical


Typical EFC Riser Skate


Typical EFC Riser Skate


Typical EFC Riser Skate

The Riser Skate consists of the following main assemblies:

  • Skate assembly (body)
  • Skate travel assembly: chain driven trolley c/w pivoting bucket
  • Riser bucket mechanism
  • Tailing arm, front mounted
  • Casing guide arm
  • Control console, hydraulic

The Riser Skate travels on rails between the pipe-deck area and well-centre. it is loaded with horizontal riser in its aft-most position. The rear of the riser is supported by the 'riser bucket' and the front is supported by a fixed pedestal.

The skate travels forward via rack and pinion drives to present horizontal riser at the dril-floor. The Rig crew can then attach the Riser Lift Tool to the riser ready for lifting into the vertical.

With the riser almost fully raised the rear end of riser is lifted out of the bucket and guided to well-centre.

Interested in Riser Skate?

Please call us to discuss further, including confirmation of:

- Maximum Riser Joint weight? (typically 30,000kg but more can be catered for)

- Maximum Riser Joint length? (typically 75ft but longer can be designed for)

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