Bridge Racker

The BRC is a double girder overhead crane type construction running on parallel rails mounted high in the derrick


Typical Lower Racking Arm



The Bridge Racker consists of:

  1. Bridge Racking Crane (BRC) this is mounted in Derrick, above the Fingerboards
  2. Lower Racking Arm (LRA), also referred to as Z-Arm, this is mounted at Drill floor level in the Setback area

The gripping and lifting capability of the BRC combined with the captured guidance of the LRA enables vertical stands of pipe to be handled and guided safely between Setback to Mousehole to Well centre

EFC combines functions to enable the grip head to access all the stand positions in the fingerboards and lift and transfer each stand. Simultaneously the LRA combines following functions to capture and guide the bottom end of the stand safely into position:

  • telescoping
  • luffing
  • slewing
  • latching functions
Fully Captured Handling of Vertical Stands Eliminates manual handling
Compact Grip Head Easy access to busy racking area
BRC Tubular range Available up to 20" Casing grip heads
LRA Tubular range Up to 9 3/4" (bespoke on request)
Grip head stroke up to 4,500mm
BRC & LRA Control Synchronised
Safety Anti-Collision option is available
Working Loads up to 10,000 Kgs
Slewing Continuous, 360deg
BRC lifting capacity 5,000kgs (up to 10Te if required)
Hydraulic gripping Simplifies the handling sequence as the stand can be gripped anywhere, not just under the tool joint
Controls Pilot-Hydrualic or Electro-Hydraulic