Single Instruments

EFC supplies single drilling instruments through to fully integrated driller's consoles and cabins.



Single instruments include:

  • Pump Stroke Counter
  • Flow Show / Return
  • Trip Tank Monitor
  • Torque
  • Drilling Recorder
  • Tong Torque Indicator
  • Pit Volume Totaliser
  • Flow Monitor
  • Rotary Table / Top Driver
  • Choke Pressure Display
  • Weight Indicator

EFC's client-driven systems ensure solutions are 100% tailored to requirements, removing issues often associated with "off-the-shelf" products that have to be adapted.

EFC has developed a PC/PLC based data processing and display system with an extensive track record. 1000s of successful operating hours have been completed offshore Brazil, North Sea, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico etc.

EFC's open-architecture approach allows signals from existing sensors to be re-used.

Drilling data can be:

  • Recorded
  • Archived
  • Remotely transmitted
  • Tailored to client specifications