Driller's CCTV

26026 Zone 1 Monitor on location

Driller's CCTV Monitor on-site

Driller s CCTV monitor

Standard Driller's CCTV Monitor

EFC Group's stainless steel driller's TV systems are designed specifically for the harsh oil and gas environment. Each tailor-made system can be as comprehensive as necessary and progressively expanded, in line with operational requirements.

Camera controls and select switches are normally front panel mounted. Alternatively the components can be mounted on a small stainless steel plate, ready for location in a convenient area. TFT Monitors are becoming increasingly popular as they are space efficient, have shallow enclosures and provide increased visibility with high bright screens.

Hazardous area internet TV systems provide an IP address, allowing video from remote rig sites to be accessed and viewed by headquarters and onshore offices.

Camera Assembly Options:

  • Colour Camera
  • Pan/Tilt, Zoom Lens
  • Fixed, Wide Angle Lens
  • Wiper
  • Washer
  • Sun-Shield
  • Certified Safety Strap
  • Mounting Bracket
  • EExe Junction Box
  • Telemetry Receiver Card

Monitor Options:

  • Space Efficient TFT
  • Standard
  • Mounting Options
  • Independent Camera Controls & Selection

EFC 556: Fixed Zone 1 Camera Assembly

EFC 558: Pan/Tilt, Zone 1 assembly

Safe Area, ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2 (II 2G, Gb, 3G, Gc) options avaliable 

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  3. Quantity of Safe area and Zone 1 Monitors
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