BOP Hoists (Chain & Wire)

BOP Chain Hoists are often employed on jack-ups to move and maintain the BOP stack beneath the cantilever. Wire Rope Hoists can be used too for BOP Handling


Working as a pair, each chain hoist connects to the BOP Lift ring providing tandem lifts of up to 200 Tonnes.

Each hoist is mounted on runway beams suspended beneath the drill floor structure. Travel along each runway beam is via rack and pinion mechanisms on each hoist/beam.

The hoist lifting chains are dispensed from a chain bucket by the hoist drive and reeved via idler sprockets over the lifting block assemblies. Each hoist can be operated independently, and used for BOP Stack Maintenance tasks.

Wire rope hoists are sometimes used on jack-ups for handling the BOP stack. These systems are mounted on parallel runway beams which span the cantilever. Trolleys traverse each runway beam via rack and pinion, carrying lifting blocks and reeving arrangements above to suit. The winches are mounted at fixed points on the end of each runway beam and reeved around sheaves at the opposite end of each runway beam. Spool-geared diverter sheave arrangements may be employed where headroom is limited to ensure rope fleet angles are within limits and rope life is preserved. The parallel wire rope hoisting arrangements provide tandem lifts of up to 100 Tonnes, using the BOP's lifting arrangement/lift ring.

BOP Chain Hoists
Rating Zone 1
Safe Working Load 75Te - 100Te per hoist, or specialist 50Te requirements such as low headroom or big lift height
Hoist Speed Up to 1.1m/min
Travel Speed Up to 6m/min
Chain Safety Factor 5:1
Type of Control Deck mounted or hanging pendent
Documentation Manufacturers Databook (MDB) & User Manual (UM)
BOP Wire Rope Hoists
Rating Zone 1
Capacity 2-off 45 tonnes is typical Higher capacities available with additional falls of rope & slower hoisting speeds
Qty of Ropes 2 ropes per winch
Qty of Falls 4 falls per rope (typical)
Rope Safety Factor 5:1
Winch & Travel Hydraulic drives
Travel Speed Up to 5m/min
Hoist Speed Up to 4.5m/min
Power Source Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric
Travel & Hoist Limits Yes
Documentation Manufacturers Databook (MDB) & User Manual (UM)

Interested in BOP Hoists (Chain & Wire)?

Please note EFC BOP Hoists are best suited for 75Te-100Te safe working loads. Specialist requirement for 50Te can be catered for, such as low headroom or big lift height. Please get in contact to advise:

1. Do you prefer Chain or Wire rope hoists, or want to talk through the options?

2. Do you require 75Te, 100Te or specialist 50Te safe working load. If the latter please advise the footprint or operational demands being worked too

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