BOP Temperature / Pressure Probe


EFC installed BOP Probe

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EFC back-lit digital read outs displayed next to engraved BOP and C&K Manifold mimic


BOP Temperature Probe Assembly

EFC BOP Temperature / Pressure probe is designed to replace the blind flange in a 15,000psi BOP Ram. An EFC probe is suitable for both surface and subsea applications.

Measurement of pressure across the BOP is critical to essential well control. Display can be a diverse range of analogue and digital display, integrated with informative process mimics, engravings or touchscreens. EFC can provide either individual sensors for integration with 3rd party systems or a complete monitoring solution.

The BOP probes can monitor either Temperature or Pressure, or both, inside the stack during operations. The probe is sized for the instrumented tip to remain just outside the wellbore: in this position the sensors sits in a position equivalent to that of a retracted ram.

Subsea probes can be hardwired to surface through cable and winch arrangement. Alternatively a subsea ROV readable display can be installed with battery lasting up to six months.

Multiple remote monitoring stations can be installed for users to view information as soon as it is available allowing appropriate steps/actions to be taken.

Custom Size The probe is sized so that the instrumented tip remains just outside the wellbore: in this position the sensors sit in a position equivalent to that of a retracted ram
Protection A heavy duty housing fully protects the electrical connections
HPHT Package The probe data can be displayed and recorded as part of a HPHT monitoring package
Track record EFC’s BOP probes have an operational track record over a 15 year period and have been successfully deployed on a number of North Sea and global HPHT wells

Interested in BOP Temperature / Pressure Probe?

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  1. Length from flange to well bore, providing BOP drawing is optimal if available
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  3. Do you require subsea display, surface display and any interest in a comprehensive HPHT system?
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