Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Safe Area


E-UPS, Ex Power

EFC Zone 2 Uninterruptable Power Supply, (Ex E-UPS) provides backup supply for safety critical BOP and Well Control equipment.

The Ex E-UPS is particularly suited to Zone 2 control system panels and enclosures supplied for atmospherically controlled rooms.

If a purge unit fails this Ex E-UPS ensures safe, continued operation of the connected safety control system such as Driller’s BOP Control Panel. The unit has been specifically designed for continuous operation in Zone 2 Hazardous areas providing 2 hours autonomy.

Main power reverts to secondary and if both are lost this moves to battery giving a multi-layered protection meeting requirements DNV-OS-E101, standards relating to safety systems including managed PRS D, BOP & Diverter Control, Choke & Kill Control and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) instrumentation.

Power Construction Operation from 2 independent AC supplies Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosure
Dimensions 1300mm(High) x 650mm(Wide) x 400m(Deep)
Weight 120Kg
Area Classification II 3G IIB T3 Gc (Zone 2)
Ingress Protection Electronics Compartment: IP54, Battery Compartment: IP23
Ambient Temperature 0° – 40°C
Installation Location Switch Gear LER
Wattage 500 watts
Output Voltage 24V DC
Autonomy 2 Hours
Primary Supply 110/240V AC
Secondary Supply 110/240V AC
Output Protection 8 x Electronic Adjustable Circuit Protection 3-10 Amps
Alarm Outputs Volt Free Alarm Signals - Primary AC Supply Failure - Secondary AC Supply Failure - Battery Charge < 85% - UPS Active - Defective Battery Alarm - Output Circuit Trip Alarm
Field Termination Top Entry Gland Entries
Remote System Shutdown EExde Battery Isolation Contactor, 24V DC Control Signal

NB: Technical data may be subject to change

Area Classification: II 3G IIB T3 Gc (Zone 2)

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