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EFC Group Catheads on-site

Catheads are used in pairs on the drill floor for the making up and breaking out of joints using tongs. They are often employed for larger joints requiring higher torque or for breaking out damaged threads that need torques out of the Roughneck range.

An EFC Cathead consist of:

  • Fabricated structural frame
  • Integral hydraulic cylinder
  • cylinder rod-mounted travelling sheave
  • front pivoting sheave
  • rope anchor
  • rope spring
Reeving arrangement Combines to give a linear rope pull, this can be connected to the tongs ready for torquing
Base Structure Direct mounting onto drill floor to suite client requirements
Pivoting Front Sheave Reduces wear on the rope and sheave & ensures full line pull is applied efficiently
High Torque Ranges go beyond that of traditional Roughneck
Weight (approx.) 650kg (each)
Line Pull 0-150kN

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