Remote Support

Aftermarket support has been identified as a key service element, it is critical to our client’s long term success for support to be available once CAPEX equipment has been installed and commissioned.

EFC commits to stay present, accessible and available to support you, your teams and your operations. A range of tangible product elements that can be built into project design as well as remote engineering support and aftermarket field service options covers this.

Engineering Support

Remote Support is a bespoke engineering service that integrates with EFC safety control and monitoring systems. This 24/7 service offer essential diagnostics or maintenance expertise as and when needed by onboard personnel, regardless of day of the week or time of day. This optimises efficiencies, safety and gives peace of mind to you and your company that top priority to EFC is the integrity and reliability of your systems. EFC team of Senior engineers are available to support these pre-agreed contracts, available on an annual or monthly basis.

Smart System Design: Condition Monitoring & Event Logging

As part of an original system design or built with future upgrade options in mind, both the EFC-CMS (Condition Monitoring) and Event Logging are strong additions to any safety critical system. This enhances onboard information via enhanced diagnostic tools, improved test recording, incident analysis, training material. These bolt-on system options can also have signal provided to rig communication system to enable back to shore transmission.