Pumpstroke Counter (PSC)


EFC Pump Stroke Counter, 2 pump, independent unit

EFC’s Pump Stroke Counter (PSC) can be provided as a stand-alone unit or incorporated into a Choke Control or Drilling Instrumentation system. The PSC display enclosure can be customised to suit existing cut outs, or standard EFC enclosure can be supplied.

The PSC is designed for multiple mud pumps, typically up to 4-off and includes:

  • Strokes per Minute (SPM) display
  • Total Strokes simultaneously with SPM
  • Reset button.

The system is constructed from intrinsically safe ATEX certified components and is suitable for use within a Zone 1 hazardous area.

A typical pump stroke counter includes

  • Stainless steel display enclosure
  • EExd processing enclosure
  • Proximity switch sensor assemblies for each pump being monitored
Mains Powered No battery change out or maintenance
Stainless Steel Enclosure Suitable for offshore, salt laden environment
Quantity of Pumps Display format means any number of pumps can be accommodated
API compliant Display complies with API 16C requirements
Display Large, clear and back-lit display as standard


PSC = Pump Stroke Counter

X = quantity of pumps eg. PSC2, PSC3, PSC4

Interested in Pumpstroke Counter (PSC)?

Call us to confirm:

  1. Type of Mud Pumps you have so we can identify the optimal sensor and mounting arrangment
  2. Quantity pumps
  3. Display requirements, standalone or integrated with an EFC or 3rd party system
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