Two-Arm Racking

The two-arm racking system consists of an upper racking arm, and a central racking arm which co-operate in order to transfer stands of pipe from well-centre to the setback area.


Two-Arm Racking System

The upper racking arm is located at fingerboard level, running on parallel tracks between each fingerboard towards and away from well-centre. A compact head with rotating finger-type capture (adjustable for different tubulars) ensures that pipe can be accurately positioned in any of the racking positions using the racking arm's slewing, travelling and telescopic motions. 

The centre racking arm is mounted directly below the upper racking arm, running on identical, parallel tracks between each setback. It too travels, slews and telescopes to enable it to reach each racking position in the same way as the upper racking arm, whilst in addition providing the lifting of the stands via its travelling head arrangement, reeved to a stand-lift cylinder which is mounted vertically in the derrick. 

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