Umbilicals and Reelers

Suitable for Zone 1 use EFC Group Umbilicals, Reelers, Sheaves and Clamps are optimised for your Managed Pressure Drilling operations with compliance as applicable

20150206 SPOOLER 029-1

EFC Group Umbilical, Reeler, Sheave and Clamp supply for MPD operations

20150206 SPOOLER 045-1

Hydraulic control locally and remotely

20150206 SPOOLER 001-1

Local hydraulic controls

20140826 EFC LOW RES 002

Application for MPD operations with compliance as applicable

EFC Group's Umbilical and Reeler systems provide a compact solution to the connection of interfaces between the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) hydraulic power unit (HPU) and components along the MPD riser joint. The fully integrated systems allow further principal improvements to existing systems.

Using materials in accordance with API 17E for a Steel skid assembly painted to client colour completed with 4 corner lifting points (DNV 2.7-1 certified) and forklift slots complete with lifting slings and shackles for accessibility.

Each system offers local and remote hydraulic controls with hydraulic and electrical interfaces.

EFC Group Sheaves are designed to meet vessel specific requirements for your bespoke operations constructed of Stainless Steel with 4,000kg Line Pull working loads.



Further Compliance as applicable

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