Drill Floor Manipulator Arm

The Drill Floor Manipulator Arm (DFMA) is a handling device used for guiding/tailing vertical tubulars on and around the drill floor.


Typical Drill Floor Manipulator Arm


Pedestal Mounted DFMA Option


Under Slung DFMA Option

The DFMA can be used for a variety of operations between the:

  • V-Door
  • Well Centre
  • Mousehole
  • Set back area. 

Using a DFMA reduces the need for manual handling presence on the drill floor, and enhances the safety of operations involving vertical tubular handling. 

Functions include:

  • Boom luff up / down
  • Boom extend / retract
  • Head tilt up / down
  • Slew clockwise / anti-clockwise
  • Claws close / open
Drillpipe Handling Safe maneuvering around drill floor
Tailing Casing and riser between catwalk and well-centre
Rig Type Supplied or retro-fitted onto any design of rig, either standard design or customised to suit
Tubular outheads to suit up to ø54” or greater Fast change capability
3rd Party Controls Integration Drilling Controls, Anti-Collision
Mounting Options Pedestal or Underslung

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