Non-Intrusive Temperature Sensor

EFC Group Wrap Around Temperature Sensor is designed to monitor skin temperature of the Choke and Kill Monitor.



Typically in 4 locations, upstream and downstream of both remote chokes and quite often at the degasser, mug gas inlet or Buffer chamber.

Temperature measurement in pipelines and pressure vessels is essential in process control. Tracking fluctuation and limitations allow users to assess and assure structural safety as well as operational efficiency.

The temperature sensors are non-intrusive so no additional parts are required and it reduces risk of damage occurring to sensor.

Typical wrap-around locations:

  • Kill Upstream
  • Choke Upstream
  • Kill Downstream
  • Choke Downstream
  • Buffer or Mud Gas Inlet Temperature
'Flowing' Reading Sensor monitors the temperature of flowing mud instead of it being a 'dead end' reading
Non-Intrusive Sensor does not need a manifold port and it does not intrude into flowing mud and gas
No Connections No thermowell ports or companion flange connections are required
Ease of Installation Sensor format allows for simple retro-fitting to existing systems
Customised Display Temperature read-outs can be either individual or integrate digital displays, combined with larger HPHT monitoring system or outputs can be provided to 3rd party system to display