Advanced Choke Control

The EFC Group Advanced Choke Control Panel incorporates a sophisticated Well Control System with many increased redundancy features


EFC Group Advanced Choke Control

EFC Group remote choke control for hydraulically actuated drilling chokes can be complemented with addition of HPHT instrumentation ideal for 15,000psi HPHT drilling operations to give a sophisticated well control instrumentation system.

The EFC Group advanced choke control panel encompasses a high level of functionality that's typically required during well control operations in an ergonomic and integrated operator's console. This enables user to accurately monitor pressures or temperatures required during decision making. Each panel has a graphical representation of the manifold and HCV's, along with drilling chokes, can also be operated and monitored.

Safety Pilot valves can be actuated in the event of an electrical failure
Alarms Accumulator low pressure level alarming
Pressure Monitoring Buffer pressure monitoring : gives advanced driller notice
System Backup UPS provides complete system backup
Clarity Clear backlit displays
Degrees of Automation Auto-dump mode selector switch enables degrees of automation
Well Control Package FSG, LSM, Overboard Valve Control can be incorporated
Separate HPU Provides ease of maintenance and minimal noise in drill cabin