Well Control Systems

Well control is the techniques applied in drilling, workover & well completion. Through the maintenance of fluid and hydrostatic pressure, the aim is to prevent the influx of formation fluids into the wellbore. It is critical to operations for the right data to be captured & presented during operations in an effective manner to facilitate efficient control of the situation.

EFC Group's range of products is composed of a comprehensive list of solutions created to bespoke specifications to solve operational issues and ensure the integrity of your asset. Through a combined understanding of pressure and pressure relationships, EFC Group's systems can be instrumental in the maintenance and control of well integrity.

EFC Group's Well Control Instrumentation Products include:

  1. Choke control
  2. EFC M25 Finescale Gauges
  3. Liquid Seal Monitor
  4. HPHT Monitoring
  5. Zone 1 Non-intrusive Temperature Sensors
  6. Overboard Valve Sequencing
  7. Choke & Kill Gate Valve Control & Indication
  8. BOP Temperature Probe
  9. BOP Pressure Probe
  10. Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Control
  11. Electric Choke Control
  12. Glycol Injection Unit