Electric Controls

Pod Circuit boards

Subsea Electric Pod


EFC Group touchscreen capabilities

EFC Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Control systems deliver a robust Control and Monitoring System (CMS) with a central architecture

Systems can include all, or some of these system modules:

  • Remote electric control panel for Driller, Toolpusher, Lifeboat Station
  • PLC replacement
  • Solenoid pressure switch & transmitter replacement
  • Local hydraulic controls interface
  • Hydraulic power unit (HPU)
  • BOP Alarm status indication for mounting at HPU
  • Newbuild BOP Control Systems can include remote data signal hand-off
Redundancy Remove any single point failure risk
Fibre Optic Network Reduces installation cost & provides ‘self-healing’ capability
Sensor type Aids preventative maintenance with self test & diagnostic reporting
User Interface Touchscreen or reverse polycarbonate colour mimics and 4” analogue gauges
Safe Operation Two hand operation plus alarmed covers for critical functions

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